From time to time someone on the Forest Estates listserv mentions special shops that others might be interested. Here are a few.

Cake and Candy Baking SuppliesEdit

The Little Bitts Shop
Bob and Ann Schilke
11244 Triangle Lane
Wheaton, MD 20902
(301) 933-2733

Customer Recommendation(s):
++++A comprehensive selection of cake and candy supplies, a gazillion different cookie cutters, and many boxes of pre-made sugar flowers. It also offers classes for all levels, including: Basic Cake Decorating; How to Price Cakes; Construct Tiered Cakes; Make Gelatin Flowers and Bows; Airbrush Techniques; and more!

Consignment ShopsEdit

Dollhouses and MiniaturesEdit

Once Upon a Time
120 Church Street, NE
Vienna, VA
(703) 255-3285

A great toy and miniatures shop.


Little Homestead
Rockville, MD

Customer Recommendation(s):
++++I heartily recommend Little Homestead in Rockville. Owned by two really nice guys who sell some of the most beautiful hand made furniture I've seen. Most of the stuff is made in New England. All of their stuff is made in the US. It is hard wood and not veneer, so the price is a bit higher. But the quality is wonderful. Small shop, only a few items in the showroom, but they have huge books of stuff you can order, and you can get exactly what you want. Great selection of kids' items. Their website does not do their selection justice, you really have to go in person to see everything they carry.

Furniture RepairEdit

Gary Simpson
1019 Taft Street
Rockville, MD 20850
(301) 424-5011

Customer Recommendation(s):
++++We have used Gary Simpson on Taft Street in Rockville for repair/refinishing. (7/7/2010)

Customer Recommendation(s):
++++I have used Gary Simpson too, and he was fine. (7/10/2010)

Antonio Martinez
Rockville, MD

Estimates are free. He lives on Tilton.

Musical InstrumentsEdit

Chuck Levin's Washington Music Center
11151 Veirs Mill Road
Wheaton, MD 20902

        • I took a poll of FECA members for where to rent musical instruments for school. I got back 4 votes for Chuck Levins and 2 votes for Dale Music. (9/11/13)

Passport PhotosEdit

Ritz Photo over near Trader Joe’s - CLOSED

Fed-Ex/Kinko down on East-West at Colesville

UPS Store in Four Corners

Piano TuningEdit

Piano Expectations

Customer Recommendation(s):
++++If you are looking for a reasonably priced but knowledgable piano tuner, I would use Ashley Turner - owner of Piano expectations. She has tuned my piano and many of my friends.

Steve Eardley
(301) 593-5590

Customer Recommendation(s):
++++For the past several years my brother Steve from Santa Fe has been tuning pianos in the neighborhood when he comes to town for the Holidays. Anyone who is interested in a professional (over 30 years experience), reasonably priced piano tuning ($95), just let us know. He also does expert repairs. For those neighbors who had theirs tuned in the last couple years and would like a follow-up visit, I have started to schedule Steve's appointments for those as well. Thanks. Brian Eardley, Dublin Drive

Shoe and Luggage RepairEdit

Bethesda Shoe & Luggage Repair, Inc.
7900 Old Georgetown Road
Bethesda, MD 20814
(301) 654-1866

Alex's Dry Cleaning and Shoe Repair
11409 Amherst Avenue
Wheaton, MD 20902
(301) 946-6296

Arinas Shoe Repair
8207 Fenton Street
Silver Spring, MD 20910

Customer Recommendation(s):
++++Arina's Shoe and Leather very good. The proprietor is a bit gruff but he is a real craftsman and does very high quality work for a fair price. It is good to call first before picking up repaired items, and to expect it may take a day or two extra beyond the estimated completion date provided. I have always been entirely satisfied with the work he has done.

Hakky Shoe Repair
Lake Forest Mall
Gaithersburg, MD

Kensington Shoe Repair
3772 Howard Avenue
Kensington, MD


Fun & Games

Olney Toys
3122 Olney-Sandy Spring Road
Olney Md, 20832
(301) 260-9130

Customer Recommendation(s):
++++If you are looking for a local toystore to replace Fun & Games, the Olney Toy Store is great. Many of the same items and F&G.