Can you recommend transportation to the area’s airports besides Super Shuttle?

·         Chris Madison,, 240-424-9210). Highly recommend Chris.  He is a gem.  We've had odd time flights, very early and very late and he's always on time. (1/14) … Yes, Chris is beyond amazing. We have used Chris for early am flights out of both Dulles and DC. He also picked us up from DC/National late late one night. Also used Chris after I broke my leg n couldn't drive to PT. He came 2x per week took me to PT, waited for an hour, and then drove me home. Have also used Chris to pick up my son from school n deliver him ..wherever ... when I am away on business. (12/13) … I second  Chris. Super early flight at DCA and he made it happened! Avoided all the super shuttle extra stops (12/13) … My husband had a very early flight from National and he came on time and was reasonably priced.  I know he goes to Dulles and I think also to BWI but you should give him a call.  Very, very reliable and extremely nice. (12/13)

Where do I get a cracked iPad screen repaired?

·         Zapp kiosk at Montgomery Mall.  There are actually 2 -- the one upstairs right outsize the Apple store does accessories (including screen protectors) and the one downstairs, just near center court almost below the other, does repairs.

· These guys will come to you and fix it on the spot. Really friendly and professional. They are ex-apple geniuses who started their own business fixing screens.

Where can I get pictures framed?

·         Plaza Art Supply, 8209 Georgia Ave. in Silver Spring.

Where can I buy unfinished wood furniture?

·         Zadia Wood Center, 15205 Frederick Rd, Rockville   301-340-2420

Where can I get a car’s CD player repaired?

·         Discount Auto Sound, 5014 Georgia Ave N W, Washington, DC 20011. 202-291-3877 (5/12)

Where can I get a sewing machine repaired?

Ellicott City Sew & Vac 410-465-6366.  It is a bit of a drive (25 miles) but it is worth it to know that a sewing machine expert will work on my machines.  They are reliable and very reasonable. (10/12)

Jeff, the tech who comes to the Hancock Fabric in Gaithersburg on Mondays. He's repaired and adjusted 5 different sewing machines for me. His basic service is about $40. (10/12)