Licensed Tree ExpertsEdit

Just make sure that no matter which company you hire they have an LTE number. That's Licensed Tree Expert. You can ask. They should have it painted on their truck, complete with the number. It is illegal to hire anyone who is not an LTE to work on your trees, and you will be completely liable should anything go wrong if they are not an LTE.

A friend of mine recently discovered that some one who was in Washington Checkbook with good ratings was NOT an LTE, which really surprised us all because I think of the checkbook as pretty good with doing the homework on these things. So it always pays to check yourself.

If you still aren't sure, you can check the database of LTE people located on this website from MD DNR:[1] (You'll need to disable your popup blocker to use it.) That same site can give you lots of good tree law info.


How do you get rid of ivy? If you mow it regularly, the roots will eventually die.

Recommended VendorsEdit


Alex’s Landscaping Services

Distinct Landscapes
Kurt Fritzges
Sandy Spring, MD 20860
(301) 774-6002

Jones Scapes Landscaping
Jimmy Jones
42198 Panorama Place
Leesburg, VA 20176

Andre Silva

Mowing ServicesEdit

Bob’s Lawn Service

Jose Chavez

Dave's Lawn Service/DNA Tree Service
David D. Kull
23513 Pocahontas Drive
Laytonsville, MD 20882
Lawn Cutting, Lawn Improvement, Soil Testing, pH Adjustment, Fertilization, Aeration, Seeding, Dethatching, Gutter Cleaning, General Yard Clean-ups, Mulching, Weeding, Edging, Fall Leaf Clean-ups, Hauling to the Dump, and Other Odd Jobs

SGF Yard Care
Ron Kalimon
908 Kerwin Rd.
Silver Spring, MD 20901

Customer Recommendation(s):
+++++We have used SGF Yard Care since 2005. Ron Kalimon comes on a regular schedule, blows leaves off the lawn in the Fall, has helped remove poison ivy before, and broken up tree limbs for garbage pickup. In the off-season, he has done some landscaping for us, including installing a wooden retaining wall. I highly recommend him. 14:46, June 16, 2010 (UTC) SArcher

I would also recommend SGF Yard Care. Ron recently cleaned up a number of downed tree limbs and did a spring cleanup for us. He did very good work at a price much lower than the last service we'd used, and was very responsive to our calls/questions. (March 2011)

Jose Guerrero 13406 Bartlett Street Rockville, MD 20853 301-871-0578 No website

His team are very reliable and a good value.  They mow our grass every two weeks from April through November and come several times in the late fall to rake the leaves and get them to the street.  We've used them for many years and recommend them highly. 

Landscape SuppliesEdit

RELS Landscaping Supply

16300 Layhill Rd in Silver Spring

301-924-5656, (12/14)

Irwin Stone

601 E Gude Dr in Rockville

301-762-5800, (12/14)

Tree Care Edit

Osmin Tree Services Ltd.


Have used at least 3 times, most recently for a very complicated job which they did perfectly, in a timely manner, and for by far the best price out of 4 estimates. Very professional and responsive. (12/14)

Artistic Tree Experts
13711 Crest Hill Lane
Silver Spring, MD

Bartholomew Tree Service
Kensington, MD

Dave's Lawn Service/DNA Tree Service
David D. Kull
23513 Pocahontas Drive
Laytonsville, MD 20882
Tree Removals, Stump Grinding, Pruning, Deadwood Removal, Crown Raising, Crown Thinning, Brush Removal

Kenny's Stump Grinding

Customer Recommendation(s):
+++Gave me the best price for the stumps I needed removed, which included one large stump from a black locus, including the root area along a small berm and a smaller stump from a 25 foot tall holly tree. I needed to have the burm free of the black locus roots in order to excavate the burm without having to fight the roots. Kenny's price: $350. $200 for the holly stump and the black locus root area in the burm, which essentially involved excavating the burm due to the cutting action of the grinding machine, and an extra $125 for the main stump of the black locus, which was about 3 foot in diameter. He couldn't go all the way with the larg stump because it was right against a fence and that was as close as he could get the machine without damaging the fence. That was good enough for our purposes. Also a very nice guy.

Shannon Landscaping
Richard Murray, owner
done many trees in this neighborhood. Tell him you read it on our listserv;
he knows many of the neighbors around here. Do not call him if you need your tree removed; that's not his line of business; he is an arborist whose goal is to prolong a tree's life; he charges $225 for a consultation to create a management plan