Below is information on local, state, and federal government services that may be of interest to FECA residents.

Montgomery CountyEdit

Garbage PickupEdit

Information about Montgomery County trash pickup, recycling programs, scheduling bulk trash pickups, and landfill operations can be found at:


Getting bins repairedEdit

We learned recently that Montgomery County has a great program to repair broken blue wheeled recycling bins. Sometimes the rod that holds the lid on is lost, and sometimes the wheels fall off. They can fix this.

If you call and make an appointment before 2 pm on Wednesday, they will come out to your house on Thursday and repair your broken bin. Otherwise, it will be the next Thursday.

Here is the description of how it works:

Please call the Montgomery County Customer Service Center at 311 (out-of-County: 240-777-0311, TTY: 301-251-4850) to request

a new wheeled cart repair for a broken cart return of an unneeded or unwanted cart Is your cart broken?

On the day of your appointment, leave your empty cart at the curb for our staff. You do not need to be at home.

Road MaintenanceEdit

Pothole reporting