Forest Estates Community Association (FECA)Edit

Current FECA BoardEdit

President: Valerie Grussing

Community Liaison: Ted Martin

Treasurer: Jess Endicter

Fundraising Coordinator: Michelle Shefter

Farmer's Market Manager: Sandra Marquardt

Neighborhood Beautification Officer: Alison Gillespie

At-Large: Tanya Olson, Omar Halwani, Dave Martone

For more information, see the FECA website:

Forest Estates listservEdit

FECA has a very active community listserv. Residents keep each other up-to-date on everything from local government activities to lost pets to the latest Snowpocalyse.

Membership is limited to residents of Forest Estates and Forest Grove. To speed up the process (and prevent spammers from joining the list), please include your name and address (just street number and name) in the email. We need to confirm that every new member is a resident of the neighborhood.

To joinEdit

Send an email to:

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