Cloud StorageEdit

I found this useful article about whether to store your data on a Internet storage site: Do I need to back up files that are already in cloud storage?. Someone on the listserve mentioned that if you do this, you should choose a company that you feel will be around for a while. Based on this idea, I have started using Amazon's cloud storage system. Which is very easy - just download their app to your computer, then drag the icons for any files you want to save to that app. SArcher (talk) 17:06, January 28, 2013 (UTC)

Photo Storage or DigitizationEdit

Preserving Precious Memories (a local business operated out of our home, 1726 Dublin Drive) can assist you with organizing, scanning and digitizing paper photographs or print documents such as old greeting cards or childhood artwork. We also provide other media services such as slide conversion, on-line photo album creation and transferring to CD or DVD, etc. obsolete media formats (JVC mini tapes, Hi8, VHS, records, audio cassettes and others).

Our door-to-door service will save you money on shipping costs. So dust off that old box of print photos or family VHS tapes and contact us or 301-920-1474 for an estimate.

Recovering Deleted Photos from a Camera

Here's an article that discusses some good software solutions; It is from 2007 but was updated in 2012: (5/12)

Bethany & Scott Hase

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Computer RepairEdit

Vital Tech
15803 Crabbs Branch Way
Rockville, MD 20855
(240) 813-0692

++++ They made a house call to help my husband get his new laptop working with his docking station and monitor. They got the monitor set correctly, minimum number of cables connecting to docking station, speakers working, and installed a program to get quick tech support from them in the future. All for $50 (got a 33% discount on the visit). Yelp reviews freakin' love them.

++++ We've used them for several laptop repairs -- replacing keyboards, virus scans/repairs, hard drive recovery (after our son spilled water on his keyboard). They handle a lot of different issues. NOTE: They moved out of their space near Snyder's grocery, so now you have to go up to their Rockville/Derwood office.

Data RecoveryEdit

Vital Tech
9414 Georgia Ave.
Silver Spring, MD 20910
(240) 813-0692

PhotoRec will recover EVERYTHING.  I've even pulled data from formatted and crashed drives.  Highly suggest it.  It's free and simple to use. (5/12)