Recommended Vendors Edit

American Professional Chimney and Masonry

301-699-6050, (12/14)


Prince Chimney Service


I used them and was satisfied. They have high recommendations on Checkbook. (1/14)


Gary Mathewson/M&G Home Solutions 301-253-8682

Gary converted my wood-burning fireplace [to gas] in 2004, and periodically I have him come to clean out the airways, or restart it if I can’t get it to light when cold weather sets in. (2013)


3158 Spring Street, Fairfax, VA 22031 (301) 571-8546 -- located in Fairfax, but serve MD and DC.


After using other companies for a few years, I got really tired of the constant upselling (eg "you need space age concrete relining for $15k" or "add on our camera service for an extra $500") most of them do. Jim on the other hand is ridiculously friendly, doesn't push you around, shows up on time and the service is very reasonable. (12/14)

 Dave Myers, 301-CHI-MNEY

Dave has done work for my family for years, and is also a very professional, reasonably priced and friendly individual. I highly recommend him ... Second on Dave Myers  (12/14)